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So that you can better plan your courses, seminars and meetings in the future 1Tool you can now manage your appointments via the calendar module.

In an appointment you can add customers or users to the participant list. These can be invited by e-mail, which these people can use to accept or decline. The appointment shows which people will eventually attend the meeting and which will not.

The calendar module can be found at Organization - Calendar.

By double-clicking on the relevant day in the calendar view or at a relevant time in the day or week view, you can create an appointment at the selected time.

Newcalendar entry

For an appointment, at least Title and Date be deposited. However, there are other details that can be specified.
You can mark the appointment as "All Day", set a repeat interval and reminders for the appointment. The reminder time can vary between you and the contact. For an appointment you can use the exact Address under "Place" brag. If other people are also present at this appointment, they can beadd participants' to be invited to the meeting.

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Under the tab "Description' you have the opportunity to add further details to your appointment.

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Under the register "Documents“ you can easily add documents to the appointment using drag & drop. For example, you can send training documents to your appointment in advance.

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Under the Participants tab, you can send all appointment participants an invitation to the event, meeting or business lunch. To do this, first enter all participants with their names, then activate them checkbox next to each participant who should receive an invitation. Then click on the button "Invite“, the participants will then receive an e-mail with the appointment invitation.

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Assuming in 1Tool If the e-mail address is stored, your contacts will receive an invitation to the appointment as soon as you click on "Invite".

The contact now has the option of registering for or deregistering from the event by clicking on the link sent to him. Under the Participants tab, you can Status see. Here you can see whether the participant is taking part in the appointment or not.
1Tool | Calendar participant status

In addition, you have other options available to you with the participants. For example, if a price is stored for your course, you can use the button "on account"Or"Life Mission“ Generate an invoice or an order for your contacts directly and send them to them. Furthermore, you can also Word or Excel list of your participants.

Calendar_Participant Options