New shop product

To launch a new product in 1Tool click in the Product Overview on the button "new Products' in the top right corner of the screen.

First, you determine all the important product information for your product. Enter the name and assign the product to a category. A product can also be assigned to multiple categories (learn how to create product categories here). In addition, you have the opportunity to specify the period in which your product should be billed (annually, monthly, quarterly, once). You can use the checkboxes to activate your product or determine whether it should be displayed in your web shop. The product can also be created for specific user groups and assigned to responsible employees.

New product_product information

About the tab "Prices“ you can set the price of your product. In addition, it is also determined whether discounts are allowed for the product or not (checkbox) and it is therefore a discountable product acts. You can also add a surcharge/discount, an accounting area or a contact group directly using the available buttons.

New Product_Prices

You can also specify packaging for your product under the "Packaging units" tab. This is particularly relevant in an online shop if products have to be sent in a specific packaging. How to pack a packaging unit in the 1Tool create, read here.

New product_packaging unit

The rider "Content“ offers the possibility to add product descriptions to your product. The text can be edited in the respective field as easily as in Word.

New Product_Content

In addition, you can use the "Add pictures"Upload product photos. Once you upload multiple images, you can also set one image as the main image. This is the preview image of your product in the shop. When uploading the image, you can choose which area to display by dragging the mouse over the image.

Add new product_images

To always be able to display the entire image as a thumbnail, go under Administration – Shop – Configuration and activate the checkbox at "Always use the whole image as a thumbnail".

product images

In the area "Dynamic Attributes’ fills in those fields that you previously created for your products. You will learn how to create your own fields here.

New Product_Dynamic Attributes

The rider "Combination product' enables several products to be combined into one combi-product. Example: if you sell a fruit basket, the individual fruits could be combined into a combination product. Here you can also determine whether the products are included in the calculation “absolutely”, e.g. 3 bananas, 2 apples etc. or as a percentage (10% bananas, 20% apples etc.).

New product_combination product

Under "covers“, other additional products, such as spare parts, accessories, etc. can also be assigned to the product.

New Product_Covers

Under "surcharges' you can determine additional costs incurred for your product. This could, for example, be a surcharge for a certain material.

New product_surcharges

Under the tab "ERP’ you determine whether your product is in stock and if so, how many pieces are available in the various warehouses and what the minimum stock level is. You can find more information on merchandise management here.

New Product_Retailing