New time tracking entry

To create a new time tracking entry, first click on:
Time tracking – track time

You will now go directly to the time tracking overview. Here you get an overview of all recent work, as well as the possibility to create new entries.
1Tool | time tracking 1

To record a new working time, go under the "new entry". Simply enter a keyword or a customer number in the respective input field, 1Tool helps you to find the right project, task or contact.

Times can open Projects or Contacts be booked. If tasks have already been created for a project, a task can also be selected for the time entry. In this case, however, the time for the project is also added up! If you select a contact, it is booked on a project not possible.


In the Task area, you are always given an overview of the hours estimated for the task and the hours used up to now (in this example: estimated 2h, used 0h). If the estimated hours have not yet been exceeded, a laughing green smiley will appear, otherwise a sad red smiley will appear. This allows you to manage your tasks and projects much more efficiently.


The "Comment" field allows you to provide a more detailed description of your activity. The field "Add as a comment“ can be activated if you want the time tracking comment to be visible directly in the contact or project. You can also set in the master data that this checkbox ALWAYS is activated, so that you do not have to make this setting manually every time. Find out how this works here.


You can also define activities yourself, so that you can choose from activities that have already been created for time entries. You will learn how to create a new activity here explained.

1Tool | time tracking 2

To get a better overview of your work, you can use Filter in the menu define the period in which your activities are displayed. Simply click on the calendar and enter the desired period. All activities in the selected period are then displayed. You can also filter time entries by activities, projects/contacts or employees.

1Tool | time tracking 3
You can start a posted entry again by clicking once on the line of the posted entry (set a tick) and then on the "Start" button (green) in the menu.
existing Entries can also be copied and deleted. To do this you must uncheck the box hook_smalland then click the Copy / Delete button in the menu. By setting the hook_small and then click Confirm to confirm the entry. As a result, the entry can no longer be edited afterwards.

1Tool | time tracking 4
Below you will find all time entries created so far. By clicking on this arrow icon next to a day, all time recordings created for this day are visible. Here you have an overview of the daily working time as well as the working hours for each task. Existing entries can be deleted with the red button, and you can start the activity again with the green button.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 11.25.19:XNUMX:XNUMX

By clicking on the Start button play, not only the time recording window opens, but also the working time starts to run. This window can easily be minimized so that you can continue working without any problems. Time tracking is recorded until you stop it. The time required for this is then entered for the respective time.
1Tool | Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 11.21.07:XNUMX:XNUMX

If you click on a time entry, you can edit the settings for this later.

Edit time entry