News Posts/Notifications

Im 1Tool you can also display the dashboard notifications as a separate menu item.

First of all you have to create news categories for the creation of news articles. This is done under the point Administration – Organization – News categories.

In the view "News categories“ you can view your created news categories, edit, delete or comment on them. Click on the green button in the lower right corner of the screen window and you can define a new category.

1Tool | News categories view 1024x487 1

To create a new category, first define the name of it. Is there a parent category, select one of the existing categories, if there are none, then leave this field empty. Then save the new category.

To create a new news article, go to the menu item Global Settings - Notifications – Notifications.

Here you first get an overview of the news entries that have already been created, you can also edit or delete them using the available buttons (on the right). In addition, you can use the button "Create new notification", create a new news post.

1Tool | Notifications view 1024x488 1

To create a new notification, fill in the respective fields (title, start date…..). In The Field "groups' you can determine who should see the post. Then select the respective one News category your notification. Also adding one documents as well as more detailed ones descriptions is possible. Then save your settings and the post will be created.

The user group(s) for which the post should be visible will also see the notifications on the Dashboard of 1Tool. You can use the buttons to the left of the post to mark it as read, send it by email, edit it or delete it. The checkbox "Show read notifications’ defines whether posts that have already been marked as read are still visible. If the checkbox is deactivated, only those posts appear for which the user has not yet set a green tick.

1Tool | Dashboard notifications 1024x416 1

As under "free menu structure“, news articles can also be used as a separate menu item in the 1Tool be created. For this go below Global Settings – Client Navigation and create a new menu item. For a news post page, select "news posts“ and define the respective News Category(s).

1Tool | Notification menu item 1024x442 1

As soon as you have saved your new menu item, the news post page appears on the left of your 1Tool Menu. If you then click on the news menu item you have created, all articles that have been assigned to the selected category will appear.

You can also mark the posts as read, edit them, etc.

1Tool | Post page 1024x348 1