Online store options

In the online shop options, you can offer visitors to your web shop additional options for your products/services. You can make the settings for this under: Settings - Products - Options.

Temporarily displays an overview of all options created so far. You can add products and categories at any time using the button on the right. You can also use the "EditUse the button to change the general settings of the option or to delete the option. To create a new option, click "Add option".

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If you create a new option, you need to activate it and fill in the exact details (name, type, price change). "price change' means that additional costs will be added to the product for this option. For example: If you sell the product in your store for 70 euros and after completing the order the customer also has the option name engraving chooses, the price increases by € 49,99. After completing all the settings, click Register Option.

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Whenever there is a new option, you will always have the following Types to disposal:

Option designation feature
text box input Allows you to enter free text.
select box dropdown Allows the buyer to select multiple options.
checkbox checkbox The buyer can order the option by ticking the box.
Radiobutton radio Selection of an option field

select box

Choose a select box, for example because you offer a product in different sizes or colors, you have to specify additional attributes that the customer can choose from (size - small/medium/large or color - blue/black/white/grey...). To create the attributes, click " to the right of the desired optionAttribute".

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Here you get an overview of all previously created attributes. These can also be edited or deleted later at any time. Click on "Add attribute" to create a new selection.

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Enter the data of your attribute here. You can determine whether the price change is calculated according to value (e.g.: 30 euros in addition to the product price) or according to a percentage (e.g.: +30% to the product price)

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