Online store orders

With the 1Tool Shop module you can sell your products or services online and always have an overview of the orders placed by your customers. In addition, you can also place orders yourself 1Tool create.
You can find an overview of this under Store – Orders.

Here you get an overview of the orders that have been placed. About the arrow icon arrows_arrangement in the respective columns, you can arrange the information in ascending or descending order. Click on "+ Create new order" to generate a new order.

Order Summary

A new order consists of 7 steps and is structured similarly to the template for creating one new bill.

Step 1:

Enter the contact for your order here. Once you've typed the first three letters, generated 1Tool automatic suggestions. If the contact is not yet in 1Tool saved, so select the item "Create new customer' and fill out the contact details in the form that appears.

Order step 1
Step 2:

Choose "Shipping to billing address", if the billing address stored in the contact also corresponds to the delivery address of your order. If this is not the case, check the box "Differing Shipping Address' and enter the address data in the address field that appears.

Order step 2
Step 3:

In the third step, enter the products for your order. Enter the product in the empty field, also does here 1Tool again suggestions as soon as you have typed the first three letters. Select your product and then click on "Add location". After that, other products can also be entered in the same process. Is also a special one for a product Option available (in this example size - small/medium/large), you can make a selection and the relevant price will be added to the product price.

Order step 3
Step 4:

Enter your order information here, such as the order date, the payment method, the payment and delivery status. (like you payment methods in 1Tool you will find out here)

Order step 4
Step 5:

You can also add a note to your order

Order step 5
Step 6:

Now select a billing area for your orders. (you can find out how to create an accounting group here)

Order step 6
Step 7:

Click on "Create Order" to complete your order. At the button "Create order & invoice", in addition to the order, an invoice for the respective contact with the specified product data etc. is also generated.

Order step 7