Opportunity Dashboard

With the Opportunity Dashboard, you can keep track of all your potential deals and their status. The management of your sales opportunities and the planning of further steps can be done in no time with the sales opportunity dashboard.

To access the dashboard, click in the menu Sales - Opportunities - Dashboard.

Your previously created sales opportunities now appear divided into your stored sales opportunity phases, e.g. initial contact, offer, negotiation, waiting position (you can find out how to create sales opportunities here).

For a better distinction of your individual phases, they can be highlighted with various colors. You will learn how to create phases and assign a color to them here.

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In the dashboard overview you always get an overview of the respective phase as well as the potential turnover that your sales opportunities would achieve in the corresponding phase. If the status of a sales opportunity changes, you can easily move your sales opportunity to another phase with the mouse using the drag-and-drop function. The turnover is then automatically adjusted.