Opportunity Funnel

An opportunity funnel provides an overview of which stage your opportunities are in and which stages have the largest amount. You can find the Opportunity Funnel in the 1Tool at: Sales – Opportunities – Opportunity funnelsr.

A filter function is available here, which you can use to display your funnel according to responsible employees. Of course it is also possible to have several responsible to select. After entering the users, click "Search' to view your opportunity funnel.

1Tool | Opportunity Funnel2

The opportunity funnel that appears sorts each stage of your opportunity in descending order (by revenue). So you know at a glance which phase would bring the most sales. In addition, immediately in the opportunity funnel is the sales amount as well as the Number of Opportunities, which are in the respective phase.

1Tool | Opportunity Funnel3

In addition, there are the weighted representation of the sales opportunity funnel. Here the amounts are weighted using the stored success probability of the individual sales opportunities.

1Tool | Opportunity Funnel4