Opportunity Reports

The Opportunity Reports in 1Tool give a high-level view of future deals, showing opportunities by source or by industry, as well as employee pipelines. In addition, the report shows a result by month.

You can find your opportunity reports at: Sales - Reports - Opportunity Reports

First, you have the option to filter your opportunity reports. You can display them for a specific user, a specific year or a period of time.

1Tool | Opportunity Reports2

In addition, you also have the option of printing out your sales opportunity reports using the respective button.

The first two graphics now represent the sales opportunities by source or by sales opportunity phase. Here, the weighted turnover is assumed, which is calculated using the probability of success.
Example: The opportunity of 21.000 came from the source "Partner". The turnover that was deposited with the opportunity was €30.000. However, since the probability of success is not 100% but only 70%, the amount listed is € 21.000 (70% of 30.000))

1Tool | Opportunity Reports3 1

The next two charts describe the sales opportunities over time, i.e. by month. The graph on the left lists sales again weighted by probability of success, while the graph on the right lists opportunities by their total sales that have been filed.

1Tool | Opportunity Reports4

The Weekly Forecast lists opportunities by week and phase.

Opportunities Reports_Reports 3

Other graphics describe the sales opportunities by month and phase or by all years and sectors.

Opportunities Reports_Reports 4

The last graphs list all won opportunities. These are also displayed according to the responsible employee.

1Tool | Opportunity Reports5