Suggestions for the ordering process are automatically generated via the stored minimum order quantity. These suggestions are under the navigation point Inventory management - supplier orders - open orders listed.

The overview under the point "Open orders" lists all order proposals. As already mentioned, the list is based on the minimum stock level. An example of such an order proposal would be if there are 60 pieces of a product in a certain warehouse, the minimum stock level is 40 pieces and 30 pieces of this product have now been sold (invoice has already been generated). As a result of the sale, the stock drops from 60 to 30 pieces and thus falls below the minimum stock level of 40 pieces. An order proposal is now automatically generated under the open orders. In this case, the suggested order quantity is 10 pieces, since the quantity is always calculated to at least meet the minimum stock.

1Tool | Open orders overview 1024x491 1

In addition to the offered order suggestions and a filtering of the list, you also have the option in this view to place an order directly. To do this, you must first checkbox of all products for which you want to place an order. Of course, the order quantity can also be edited before ordering. You just click in the column "Order Quantity", enter the respective quantity for the corresponding product and then click on the blue one "Check" button.
Then click on the "Order"-button in the lower right corner of the screen to place the order.

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All selected items are combined into one order. This order is after that under the point Inventory management - Orders - Orders made listed.

All previous orders are now listed. A file with the positions for printing can also be generated using the "Export PDF" button.

Orders that have been placed can also be automatically converted into a goods receipt. To do this, the items that are to be saved when the goods are received must be selected for the order. On the "New goods receipt" button the purchase can ultimately be generated from the order.

The positions are taken over for the order in the next step, but can still be edited before saving (menu item "New acquisition") The quantity can now be changed (e.g. if less is delivered for an order) or the item can also be deleted.