Organisational chart

With the help of the organizational chart, contacts from individual companies can be displayed in a tree structure. Departments and the associated people can be displayed clearly. People/contacts can be moved within departments using the practical drag & drop function.

Organization charts can be found at Administration – Contacts – Organization chart fields create.

Here you can define exactly which fields should be displayed in your org chart. To do this, simply use the mouse to drag the fields from the left column "Attributes" to the right column "Displayed Fields".

1Tool | Org chart displayed fields 1024x469 1

Additionally you must also below Settings – Contacts – Contact Types define the fields to be displayed for those contact types that are to be displayed in the organization chart.

You will now see the list of all your previously created contact types. For those types that are to appear in the organization chart, you must now use the editing pen (blue button) to define the fields for the organization chart. How to create a new contact type step by step can be found under the menu item "Define contact types yourself"

Click on the tab "organization chart". Then activate the respective checkbox for all fields that should appear for this contact type in the organizational chart. (in this example the contact type was "department" processed. Only the name of this should appear in the organization chart)

1Tool | Contact Types Fields Org Chart 1024x386 1

Now switch to your desired one Contact Group View. (in this example: contact groups - business partners - customers - overview)

An overview of all your contacts that have been created for this contact group now appears here. Then click on the arrow icon in the "Columns" area and check the "organization chart".

1Tool | Org chart columns 1024x452 1

You will then see the symbol in the overview to display your organizational chart. Click this icon to open your org chart.

1Tool | Organization chart display 1024x369 1

Here you can see your complete organizational chart. About the "Plus" or "Minus" symbol you can open/close the underlying contacts. You also have the option of "New contact' to add a new contact directly to your org chart.

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