Own fields

By creating your own fields for contact groups, projects, calendars, etc., you can adapt your activities to your company and its work processes in the best possible way and thus make the settings that are also relevant for your company. You can find the settings for this under Administration – Global Settings – Custom Fields.

Here is an overview of which ones 1Tool Functions you can create your own fields. You can usually choose between subcategories. (eg: project type - here you can create the fields for all projects or only for specific project categories).

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In the following example, a new, separate field is now created for the applicant contact group. So click in the field "Select contact group' and select 'Applicant'.


  • Of course, you must have created the contact group beforehand. Read how to create a contact group here.
  • This also applies to other areas - for example, calendar categories must be created beforehand before you want to define a separate field for them

Do you now click "Candidates' is clicked, an overview of all the fields previously created for this contact group appears. You can see at a glance which field it is and which Data type (i.e. what should be entered in the field), whether there is a default value, etc. All existing fields can of course also be changed at any time using the available buttons (Change), deleted (X), up or down (Pfeile) to be moved. So if you want to change a name, click in the field, enter the new name and then click on "To change"to perform the editing.

Create your own field

If you now want to create your own field, scroll to the area "Add new dynamic attribute".

1Tool | Own fields Overview of previous fields 1024x425 1

First specify a data type and a designation and then click on "Create new attribute". A default value can be assigned for each individual attribute. However, this can also be changed later. In addition, fields can also be created for existing fields.1Tool | Own field Create new field 1

With regard to the data type, you have several options:

1Tool | Custom Fields File Types
integer:   Representation of integer values ​​(e.g.: "10")
floating point number:   Representation of the floating-point numbers using a point (e.g.: "2,5")
Text short:   Consists of up to 100 characters
Text long:   Consists of 6500 characters
Date:   output of the date
Check box:   Selection of a specific item (eg: "yes" or "no")
Pick list:   List of defined attributes (only one choice)
Extended selection list:   List of defined attributes (multiple selection)
List:   List of defined attributes (multiple selection)
Tabel:   Creating a table (column selection)

If a list, selection list or extended selection list is selected as the data type, you must define selection options in the next step.

1Tool | Own fields selection 1

Will be a checkbox created, then a color can also be selected for an attribute. Note, however, that only the color at the top of the list is displayed. The order of the attributes can be indicated by the arrows arrows_updownbe changed.
1Tool | Custom fields checkbox

If you have now created your own fields for a specific contact group, these will be displayed in the contact overview or in the project overview.
1Tool | Custom Fields Contact View

Edit My Fields_Contact View_Field