Pricing Options - Bookings

In addition to the room prices, you can also create various price options for your bookings, such as a final cleaning fee or parking costs. You can make the settings for this under: Administration – Bookings – Pricing options.

The following view now gives you an overview of the price options that have been created so far. In addition, you can about the filter function also look for specific options. Existing price options can also be edited or deleted ("Discounts"). To create a new price option, click on the button "Create price option"

1Tool | Price options overview 1024x476 1

Now all the details of your pricing option can be set. Under the rider Masterdata Managment make basic settings such as name, description, price, room category etc.

1Tool | New price option 1024x867 1

About the rider Advanced Settings... you have the chance to select additional options. Activate the checkboxes for those fields that should apply.

1Tool | Price Option Advanced Settings 1024x428 1

Once you have made all the necessary settings, click on Save. Via the button "Save and create new“ the price option is saved and the field for creating another price option appears again.