Prices - Bookings

Under Administration – Bookings – Prices you can set new prices for your rooms.

All previously fixed prices for the respective rooms are displayed in the price overview. In addition, you have the top section about the filter function the possibility to carry out a price search by room category, period or info. In the column "Discounts“ on the right in the line of a category, you can edit or change the settings (blue button) or delete the entire line (red buttons). To create a new price, click on the button "create price"

new price

Here you can first under the tab Masterdata Managment meet your basic settings. Specify room category, period of validity, etc.


The rider Discounts (discounts) offers the possibility to set discounts for certain customer groups, such as children.


Under the rider Different prices you can also adjust prices by day of the week.

Price_deviating prices

Then click on the button "Save" to complete your settings.