product reports

The 1Tool Product reports give you the opportunity to display all evaluations of your products. Linked to the invoicing module are under the area Products - Product reports an overview of the sales per product, recurring sales and general product statistics. Click on the respective menu item to display the evaluations.

Click on the menu item "revenue per product". Here you will see an overview of your products for which an invoice has already been created. In addition, you can see the individual prices of the products. The gap "Fixed turnover“ shows those amounts that are fixed (i.e. more often than “one-off”), such as monthly, annually or quarterly, and that have already been charged via an invoice.

1Tool | revenue per product

In the area "Recurring Revenue“ you can display your turnover for a desired year or for several years. The graphic uses bars to show the total sales per month.

turnover per year

Furthermore created 1Tool automates a general product statistics. At the beginning you can define a time range for which you want to display your statistics. In addition, the statistics can also be displayed according to accounting groups (one or more). If no selection is made for the accounting areas, the statistics for all accounting areas are displayed. After you have applied your filter, all charged products will first be sorted by sales and number of items pictured. Below this, two more graphics are available, showing the sales and the pieces per product category point out The software also automatically generates a list of the net/gross amounts charged, including surcharges/discounts.

Product Statistics_Filter
product statistics