Products - merchandise management

Under Products overview you can see the current stock of your products.

At the nuclear Warehouse Column the current stocks can be seen, which are drawn directly from the warehouse. If several warehouses have been created, filtering via the product list is possible. To do this, you must click this arrow icon click in the upper right corner of the screen.

1Tool | Products merchandise management

A new product or a new goods receipt for an existing product is to be made via the button "Edit" -> New goods receipt. Alternatively, you can also use the menu item Inventory management - Goods receipt - New goods receipt in the navigation bar can be used for this.

Click on the blue one "New product" button, you can create a new product and enter all relevant information about it as usual. You have your own for inventory management in your company "Merchandise management" tab to disposal. This tab can also be used to store the minimum storage quantity for a product, which will subsequently be used for the automated order suggestions is relevant in the system.