Project management

With the 1Tool moduleProject management“ you can optimally control the entire project management.

Individual projects can be created, which in turn can be linked to the task module and time tracking. This way you can assign project tasks to your employees and always keep track of the time invested in the project.

1Tool is so flexible that internal as well as external projects with customers, suppliers and partners can be managed.


Find out more about the project management module under the following points:

What can the project management

The 1Tool Project management helps to complete projects on time, within the agreed project budget and with the desired quality. standing in 1Tool Project management software comprehensive modules and functions are available. In addition to optimal task management, functions such as time recording, project resource planning and project management functions as well as mobile apps are available in the software.

How do you define project management

Very often the term project administration is confused with the term project management. But from our point of view, project administration and project management are not the same, but only a part of it. This sub-area mainly includes functions in the area of ​​project controlling and project documentation. through the 1Tool Project management software guarantees that everyone involved in the project always has an overview of tasks, times, budgets, documents, resources and notes. With the software, it is important that everything is very easy to use and that the most important functions are also in 1Tool app are available