Project Number - Format

The settings for the format of your project numbers can be found under Settings - Organization - Projects - Project number format.

Enter your desired format using placeholders in the "Project number format" field. For example, put ###YEAR### – ###NUMBER#### for the format.

  • This means that for projects, the current year is displayed first, followed by a dash and then the current project number: 2023 – 00201.

In the field "last number' the last project number created can be seen.

  • In this example, this number is 200, so when you create a new project, it would be numbered 201.

You can also change the last number as you like, so that you start again at 0 at the beginning of a new year, for example.

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Save then your settings. As soon as you create a new project, the current project number appears automatically in your defined format. How to create a new project can be found under the following menu item: New project.

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