resource plan

In order to be able to optimally plan your resources (employees), we recommend that you use the 1Tool to use the resource plan. The resource plan can be found at Organization – projects – resource plan.

1Tool | resource plan 1

Here you have the option of a daily, weekly, 2-week and 4-week view. Here you can directly create a task for the relevant employee. To do this, click in the employee's line and create a task for him. For the title, enter the title designation as usual. You can also assign the project here, the user and the start and end date.

1Tool | task resource plan

At the top right, you have the option to search the resource plan according to various criteria. To do this, click on 1. "Filter", then a pop-up window appears where you can enter your desired criteria. In addition, you have 2. the option of switching your view to full-screen mode. Another click takes you back to your normal view.

1Tool | filter