In order not to forget sales opportunities or contacts (e.g. a call for this or similar) or to be able to meet deadlines for this, there is an 1Tool the possibility, Resubmissions to create for the dashboard. In order for these to be displayed on the dashboard, you must first create a new module. How this works is up to you here explained.

Resubmissions on the dashboard

Once you have added the module, it will appear as a separate area on the dashboard. Here you have an overview of the name, the deadline and the type of resubmission. The different color coding makes it possible to see at a glance whether it is a contact or a sales opportunity.

1Tool | Follow-up Dashboard

If you want to create a follow-up for an opportunity, you must define the exact date of the follow-up when creating the opportunity. (How to create an opportunity in detail will guide you step by step here explained)


The same applies to the creation of reminders for contacts. Here, too, you must enter the date for the follow-up in the contact settings under "Additional information" (read how to create a new contact in detail here).


In addition, you can also have reminders about your reminders sent to you by e-mail. Here you have a different coloring of the templates (like a traffic light system) in order to be able to recognize their urgency at a glance. For example, resubmissions for which you still have enough time are marked in green, 1 week before the deadline they turn orange, 1 day before the deadline they turn red. However, you can set the days according to which your traffic light system should be based. You can find this setting under: Settings - Sales - General Ideas.

Under the section "Settings“ Enter the days in the respective fields when the resubmission should turn orange or red.

Settings follow-up traffic light system