In order to work with the Revenue module, you must first define revenue targets per employee. To do this, go up Administration – Finances – Revenue targets.

Define revenue target

Here you select the desired user - define his sales target and from when the target is valid. Then click on "To save".

1Tool | revenue goals
1Tool | revenue targets

With the revenue module, different areas are linked together. You can find out how to create a new project here. You should also look at the creation of invoices and the link to the projects. You can find how to create an invoice here.

Added Revenue tab to Projects

Go to your desired project and at the top of the tabs, select the tab "Revenue" .

1Tool | revenue tab

Here you go to the green button "+ New" and add your desired income. To do this, fill out all the fields and then you can click "Save on computer“Or "Save and create new" . click

1Tool | save new income
1Tool | invest income

Create an invoice for the project

Go to the project view and right click on the tab "Bills". If you can't find the invoices section here, you can scroll down further and drag the section up with the mouse. Now go to the button "New bill".

1Tool | create a new invoice project

Here you have the advantage that 1. the correct contact or billing address is already preselected. If you want to change the billing address, you can click "Create new customer" click. With the 2nd project, the project is selected directly and with the 3rd project income you can link the created income to the invoice.

1Tool | bill recipient

You can find more information on the subject of invoicing / writing an invoice here...

On the invoice summary page, under Finances - Invoices - Overview, you will see an icon at Pro.. for the invoices directly linked to a project. See screenshot below.

1Tool | invoice linked project

For the project, you can now see directly on the Income tab that the down payment has already been cleared. As soon as you have also ticked the Paid checkbox, this will also be displayed here automatically.

1Tool | income overview

Earnings Summary

The income overview shows you the project, the project manager, the date of the planned settlement and the income. You can also see what has already been billed and what still needs to be billed. All important data on one overview page. You can also search for the desired date, project or user here.

1Tool | revenue report 2 1024x500 1

revenue report

The earnings report gives you information about the monthly earnings that you expect. The blue (1) bar shows you the projects that have already been invoiced and the red (2) which projects can still be invoiced.

1Tool | intake