Sales data invoices

Im 1Tool you have the widget "Sales data invoices" available. With this you can display individual billing reports for each of your contacts. These reports include information about the contact's sales to date, as well as paid and unpaid invoices. The information is generated via the link to invoicing. As soon as you create an invoice for your contact, this is also taken into account in this widget.

Create tab/widget

In order to have access to the widget, you must initially add the tab to your desired contacts. You can add the widget to the master data or other tabs as you wish, or create your own tab for it. How to add your own tab, you can here read.

1Tool | Sales data invoices 1024x363 1

Once you have added the widget to your selected contact, it will appear under the respective tab. Click on it to view your sales data. First of all, you can use the filter to select a desired period of time as well as accounting areas. Your sales data will then be displayed graphically according to your filter.

Sales Data Invoices_Filter

If you define the period of the report, you can view the report by calendar year or by the expected period (e.g. 3 months). After clicking in the "Period" field, the calendar window will appear. Either select the year (01.01/31.12 to XNUMX/XNUMX) or click on "Different time range' to set the exact date. You can then use the button "Set“ Save your defined period.

Sales data invoices_period

The first graphic represents the total sales of your contact. If an invoice is created for your contact, the turnover here increases automatically.


The next graphic still represents the amounts unpaid bills.

Unpaid bills

Now you also get an overview of paid and unpaid invoices. Outstanding or received amounts can be seen at a glance.

Paid_Unpaid Invoices

The next graphic "Turnover“ shows the sales in a curve. The paid and unpaid invoices are stacked together to give the total amount of the invoices.

sales curve

The last graphic presents that exactly Number of paid and unpaid invoices. The gross and net amounts of these are also described in detail.

number of invoices