sales targets

1Tool | Sales goals 1

Under Properties - Sales - Sales Opportunities - Sales Targets you can make settings for sales partners, their sales goals and the sales goals of your users.

1Tool | Sales goals 1
Under the tab "Distributors“, you can define contacts or companies and arrange them in lists with which you can work together on projects.

1Tool | Sales Goals2
Under Sales Goals you can set the sales goals for all users 1Tool define users. Simply set up the user, the turnover in euros and the corresponding month and then click on "Save". Below this is a list of all created sales targets, which can be deleted at any time.

1Tool | Sales Goals3
If you click on "Show additional options" you still have the option of linking the sales goal of your users to a sales partner.

The sales targets for channel partners are created in the same way as for users.

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