Opportunities Overview

At the nuclear Opportunities Overview you get an overview of the sales opportunities that have already been created. You can find these under Sales - Opportunities - Overview.

The overview of the sales opportunities shows all sales opportunities and offers the option of making different listings (e.g. by sales phase, sales source or by the responsible sales employee) using the filter. By clicking 1Tool | Opportunities overview3 "Export" gives you all sales opportunities in an Excel list.

1Tool | Opportunities overview4

Your search results will now be displayed.

You see everything at a glance and can immediately answer the following questions: 

  • Which project is running at the customer?
  • How much revenue does the project or the customer bring?
  • What is the probability that the product will be sold to the customer?
  • What phase is the project in?
  • Is it coming to an end soon?
  • From which marketing campaign did this sales opportunity develop?
  • Who is responsible for this project?
  • When will the project be completed?
  • Which people are involved in the project?
  • etc.

Here again you have the option of individual sales opportunities

  • to Edit – By clicking on the editing pen
  • to delete – By clicking on the Trash
  • to get to the overview page (detail page) – by clicking on the Lupe
  • see the latest comments on the opportunity – by clicking on the speech bubble 

By clicking on the arrows arrows_arrangement you can change the order of each opportunity.

1Tool | Opportunities overview5
1Tool | Opportunities overview6

If you want to edit an opportunity, click on the Pin, change the data in the respective field and then click on the checkmark. If you want to cancel the setting, click on this red x

In addition, it is also possible to mark the sales opportunities in different colors according to individual phases (how to change individual phase colors is explained to you here explained).
This gives you an overview of the current phase of the project at first glance.