Revenue Goals Reports

The sales targets reports in the 1Tool give you a good overview of whether you or your employees have achieved the set sales targets or not.

A sales target is created under the menu item: Settings - Sales - Opportunities - Sales Targets.

First, use the tabs above to select for whom the respective sales target should be created. This could, for example, be users (your own employees) but also sales partners of your company. After that, fill in the “Sales goal for users” field. Additional settings, such as the selection of a sales partner, are available under the "Show additional options" item. Once you have filled out all the fields, click on the "Save" button.

1Tool | sales targets

If you now go to the menu item Sales - Opportunities - Reports - Revenue Target Reports, a revenue target report for the year you have selected is automatically generated. You also have the option here of displaying the sales report by user or sales partner.

1Tool | Sales targets2

Finally shows 1Tool an evaluation of all created sales targets and closed sales opportunities. This way you can see at a glance to what extent the target turnover of your employees deviates from the actual turnover.

1Tool | Sales targets3 1