Seminar/course overview

To get to the overview of your previously created seminars, click on Seminars - Overview. From this page you can also directly created new seminars/courses become (read more here).

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If seminars have already been created, you can use the search function to search for various seminars or courses. You can filter according to different criteria, such as the title of the seminar, the lecturer, etc.

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A list of all your previously created seminars/courses appears below. Basically, in 1Tool between seminars/courses and Events distinguished.

A seminar or course could be the course "Further Training', which takes place for a week.
Within this course, however, there is a different event every day, such as one Marketing course, Sales Course, Project Management Course etc.
To create a new seminar or a new course, click on the button after the overview.Create".

Here is an explanation of all the buttons that relate to your seminar/course.

View seminar View seminar
Edit seminar Edit seminar (to add content, goals, etc.)
Delete seminar Delete seminar
Export seminar as Excel Export seminar as an Excel file
Copy seminar Copy seminar
1Tool | Screenshot 2017 02 03 at 09.52.21:XNUMX:XNUMX Download the seminar as a PDF