Send SMS

With 1Tool SMS transmissions are fast and uncomplicated.
Ideal for sending

  • Lunch menus from catering establishments
  • Events, meeting dates, concert dates of communities, clubs
  • current offers from companies

You can find the option under Marketing - send SMS.

Enter the message you would like to send in the text field. Please note, however, that you have a maximum of 160 characters; if you exceed this, several SMS will be sent.
1Tool | SMS

Then click on  Continue.
You now have the option of your SMS to all numbers to send, or this only to certain numbers to send. You can restrict your recipients by product, distribution list or date. It is also possible to select according to contact groups or precise filters (name, location, zip code,...). After the selection, in the area "Preview recipient' lists all the remaining contacts. Click on "Send to selected recipients' and the SMS will be sent to all the contacts listed below.

Send SMS_Settings Recipient

If you would like to filter your contacts by products, distribution lists or appointments, click on the checkbox for the relevant area. (eg: use distribution lists). Below this, an area opens with the various products/lists/dates. You can then also select these by activating the corresponding checkbox.

For example:

If you would like to select your recipients according to distribution lists, activate the checkbox "Use distribution lists". Finally, your created distribution lists appear. You can select these by ticking the box. In addition, you can determine whether your recipients are in a Contact group AND in the distribution list must be present or the Contact in the contact group OR the list must occur.

Send SMS_distribution lists