Polls module Contacts

The survey module enables you to carry out important surveys both internally and externally. Surveys can also be created for special contacts and made visible in their contact view.

Before assigning a survey to a contact, you must first create a survey including relevant questions. You can find out how to create a survey here.

If you make any changes to your survey afterwards, or if you want to carry out the survey again at a later date, you must ensure when creating your survey that it is marked as "Editable“ is defined.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 01 02 at 15.57.23:XNUMX:XNUMX

Once a survey has been created, call up the profile of your desired contact. It must be ensured that the so-called "survey" widget is activated for your contact. You can add this widget to an existing tab (e.g. master data) or create a new tab with this function. You will learn how to create a contact widget here explained in more detail.

The respective widget can also be moved to the desired position in your contact profile using the crosshairs.

1Tool | Contact poll widget

Surveys that have already been carried out are clearly listed, while you can use the drop-down menu to select a new survey for the contact and use the "starten" button can perform.

1Tool | start a survey

Surveys that have already been carried out are also visible within this widget. To view your contact's responses over time, you can use the magnifying glass icon to view any surveys that have already been completed, including questions and answers.

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In addition, you can under Organization – Surveys – Contact Surveys overview view all surveys that you have conducted with your contacts so far.

The list below lists all contacts and their assigned polls. You can use the three buttons on the left to switch to the contact profile, view the surveys with the exact questions and answers, or start the relevant survey again for the contact.

In addition, the filter function allows you to search for specific contact surveys. All you have to do is enter the details in the search fields and click "Search“ Click to start the filter function.

In the area "New contact survey' you can directly carry out a new survey for a desired contact. To do this, select contact and survey and click on the button "start". The questionnaire can already be filled out together with your contact.

1Tool | Contact survey overview