polls series

Survey series offer the option of sending surveys on specific topics to contacts based on a defined schedule and determining their validity at the push of a button. To create a poll series, click Organization - Polls - Polls Series.

You will now receive an overview of all previously created survey series, which you can always edit or delete afterwards using the corresponding buttons. In addition, the filter function offers the possibility to search directly for desired survey series by entering a search term. By clicking on "Create polls series' generate a new series.

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Create survey series

  1. Enter the title of your survey series
  2. Use the drop-down menu to determine the mail server via which the survey series should be sent
  3. Select the user who should receive all the answers in the survey series
  4. Enter a link title that your recipients can use to start the survey
  5. Choose when you want your survey series to be sent
  6. Enter a subject that should appear for all reply emails to the survey series
  7. You can also use "Common Survey Series" to create a link to series that have already been created
  8. Now add your surveys to the series using the green button "Add survey" and select the appropriate survey from the drop-down menu (you can find out how to create an individual survey hier)
  9. For your added surveys, determine the days on which the surveys should be sent and their validity
    e.g. polls shift (days) 1 would mean that
  10. Surveys that have already been added can be removed from the series using the red recycle bin button
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