Task detail view

The description of the task is presented in the detailed view of a task. Each employee has the option of adding further notes and documents to this task.
The fastest way to get to the task detail view is to click in the Dashboard to the task. Alternatively, you can also go to Organization - Tasks - Overview click on the desired task to call up the detailed view.

1Tool | task dashboard

In the task detail view that now appears, you will receive a detailed description of your task. It is always clear to whom the task was assigned, which user created it, how much time the task is estimated to take, its deadline, etc. If you want to change information, simply click in the respective line, enter the new data and click then click the blue tick to save the setting.

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Documents attached to a task can be found under the "Documents" tab. Here, every employee can also add files to a task themselves.
Here you can create any folder structure. To do this, click on “New folder".  
Through editing pen "editing pen” folders that have already been created can be renamed. the Trash“Trash” is for deleting the entire folder

Task Detail View_Documents
Upload new files

To upload new files, select the desired folder and drag the file into the window. Files can also be moved afterwards.

Tasks Detail View_Documents Upload
Add comments to tasks

Notes can be added to the task via comments. Add a comment by clicking Save after entering the text. Comments that have already been created can be deleted or edited by the respective user.