Tasks overview

The task dashboard can be found at Organization - Tasks - Overview

1Tool differentiates between 3 types of tasks:

  1. Project Tasks: these are all tasks that are created within a project
    (e.g. create design, carry out programming, etc.)
  2. Opportunity Tasks: this means all tasks that can be added to offers and sales opportunities (e.g. create offer, prepare presentation)
  3. Contact Tasks: these tasks are added to contacts
    (e.g. call back customer Maier, update content)
Tasks dashboard

In the task dashboard or in the task overview, your tasks are divided into 6 categories:

  1. Open-back: All tasks that have not yet been completed are displayed here.
  2. Today: Things that are at the top of your to-do list. Due tasks decide automatically here.
  3. Next: Work that you tackle once the "Today" tasks are completed.
  4. Planned: If you only want to start work at a certain point in time, enter this under "Planned".
  5. All: Here you will find all tasks, including those you have already completed.
  6. Archive:  All tasks are also available here, including those that have already been completed.

You also get an overview of tasks whose deadlines have already been exceeded. The number of hours invested in the tasks also appears. Here the logged hours are compared to the total number of hours estimated for the tasks (directly below the task for the specific task and in the gray bar for all tasks).

1Tool | Task overview 1 1024x535 1

Via the button "Filter' you can also search for specific tasks. You can search for employees or projects. In addition, these can also be displayed in a specific order. sortsavailable to you here are: Normal, Start Date, Deadline Date, Task Name, Priority. Furthermore, in addition to tasks colored bars displayed to make it easier to see if this is a task for a contact, a specific project, an opportunity, etc.

1Tool | Task overview 2 1024x507 1

With the task overview, you can keep track of the deadlines for the tasks and know exactly how much time it has already been exceeded and how much time you still have until it.

1Tool | Task overview 3 1024x508 1

A sliding bar next to the task tells you to what extent the task has already been completed. This display is in percent. You can also start the time tracking for a task directly in the task overview when you start working on it. It is also possible to comment on or delete a task.

A tick can also be placed in front of each task. When you or one of your employees has completed a task, activate the checkbox. The task is therefore considered completed and is crossed out.

You can sort your tasks according to priorities and you can also sort them yourself move. Based on the due date, your task will automatically be moved to the appropriate category. On the due date, your task will be automatically moved to the Today category, reminding you to complete this task on time.

1Tool | Task overview time recording 1024x509 1

When you start the task, you can start the time recording directly. To do this, simply click on the green start button next to the relevant task.