The actual 1Tool Version 3.2.0 is now online!

The actual 1Tool Version 3.2.0 has many new and exciting features to offer. In addition, existing features have been revised and optimized in order to be able to provide you with the best possible support in your day-to-day business with our software.

We would be happy to give you a brief overview of the new 1Tool Version. Of course, step-by-step instructions for each individual function are available in the manual.



  • The quick search now works with a new search method in which every word in every field as well as the associated main contacts are examined. In addition, you can specify which fields are to be searched and also according to which priority.


  • In addition to individual contacts, you can now specify other contact types (e.g. companies). You also determine individual mandatory fields for each contact type in order to optimally adapt the data to be entered to your everyday business.


  • With the help of the organizational chart, contacts from individual companies can be displayed in a tree structure. Departments and the associated people can be displayed clearly.


  • Comments from contacts can now be forwarded to other users.


  • Within the calendar module it is now possible to add other users/contacts to an event as participants. This shows at a glance which and how many people will ultimately take part in your event.


  • From now on, you can generate your own buttons for the dashboard and provide them with individual links.


  • Responsible users can be defined for each area or postal code. If you create a new contact with a zip code for which a user is responsible, this is automatically assigned to the user.


  • You can now define various types of salutation for your newsletter in order to optimally address each contact. This includes the application of formal, more casual or other forms of salutation types.

In addition to the new functions, existing functions have also been optimized. For example, the product management, the task list and the SMS form shine in a new view. Usability improvements have been made for using the 1Tools on the iPad, as well as for the order form for a shop.