The new 1Tool version 3.3.13

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In the last few weeks we have been busy revising and improving our 1Toolsoftware and are now pleased to be able to present the new version 3.3.13 to you. Not only have new features been added, but improvements have also been made to usability, speed and the layout.



Password query

For increased password security, the new version 3.3.13 at 1Tool-Login the Groß- und Kleinschreibung your password checked carefully. Therefore, always make sure that your login data is spelled correctly.


usability and speed

We have with the new 1Tool Version also improved overall usability and made some speed improvements. To give you a more structured overview of open 1Toolwindow in the browser, the last opened function is now listed in the title of each tab. So, for example, you have the contact search and in another tab yours 1Tool Tasks are open, so you know at a glance, thanks to the displayed title, in which window your functions can be found.



organization chart

A company's organizational chart, which allows contacts and departments to be clearly displayed within a tree structure, is now also available within Opportunities. At a glance, you can see which contact persons you need to contact for concerns and the circumstances of your sales opportunity.

To use the organizational chart, go to User settings - Management module - Opportunities and either create a new tab or edit an existing one (e.g. master data). Under the "Modules" section, add the option "organization chart' and save your settings.

> Step-by-step guide for adding modules

Organisational chart



The new button "Next resubmission" to disposal. With the help of this button, you have the option of displaying your next set reminders at the push of a button. First, all resubmissions before the current day (before today) are displayed, followed by those without a resubmission date (field empty) and then all "Following". So you know at a glance which sales opportunity is next and by when it has to be executed.

> More information on resubmissions



Opportunities have been linked to products for some time. With the new version 3.3.13, however, you now have the option of directly editing the respective products within the sales opportunity detail view. To do this, click on the yellow edit pen for the relevant product and enter your changes to the product information, such as item, price, discount, etc. in the list below. To save, click on "Edit".



So that a sales opportunity is finallyWon', you always had to set the phase as well as the status itself to 'Won'. To save you from double entry, you can now use the new 1Tool Version determine all phases in which the status is automatically set to "Won".

To define the corresponding Opportunity Stages for it, clickMaster Data - Sales - Opportunities - Phase Opportunities and check the box "set chance to won“ in all desired phases.



The sales opportunities filter has also been revised and now has a new checkbox that allows sales opportunities from inactive users to be displayed. All you have to do is tick the checkbox "Also show all inactive users in filter" set. As soon as you enter the field "responsible’, both active and already deactivated users are available for selection.



layout and design

With the new version 3.3.13, the time recording overview has also been optimized and a new layout created. On the one hand, the action bar, which can be used to start, confirm, delete, etc. the time recording, is located at the bottom and remains visible even if you scroll down. Furthermore, a better structure could be created due to the revision of the filter, which now appears at the beginning of the window and can be easily folded in and out using the arrow symbol.

Time tracking layout


Contact inquiry

Even before version 3.3.13 it was in 1Tool possible to display the last contacts made with contacts using the "Requests" module. with the current one 1Tool Version, when adding a new contact, you can now automatically transfer this to the time recording. To do this, the checkbox "Transfer to time tracking“ can be activated and then an activity can be defined.

Contact inquiry


time tracking email

The daily time tracking emails have also been revised and now contain a clearer table. Subsequent changes or time entries that are recorded after the daily e-mail has been sent are taken into account when the next e-mail is sent. This will give you a "for Tag“-Overview and you know at a glance which time recordings still belong to the previous day.


time tracking type

With a new time entry, a new time recording type is available with the current version 3.3.13. In addition to types such as normal work, vacation or compensatory time, there is now also the type "special leave“. This was introduced to mark public holidays for employees of a certain religion, for example. If an entry is saved under this type, the entry does not count as working time and is therefore considered a normal vacation day.



Placeholder accounting areas

The new version 3.3.13 contains a new placeholder that you can use for your various accounting areas. With this placeholder you can define an individual date and time format for your invoices.

To set this up, go to Master data - Finances - Invoices - Accounting groups and click on the "Edit" button for your desired accounting area. Then select the tab "PDF template' and add the placeholder to your template ###CUSTOMDATE_???### (to support you with the invoice design, all placeholders that you can use are listed in the "Placeholders" area). Finally, instead of the three question marks, enter your desired date or time format so that the current date or time is always given in this form when the invoice is sent. The format is always given in English.



layout and design

Like time tracking, the layout of the task module has also been revised. The action bar for creating a new task is now also at the bottom of the page. In addition to a more user-friendly listing of all your tasks, the start date of the task is now also listed under the respective deadline.


Drag and drop function

Dragging and dropping tasks to sort by priority was previously possible, the new one 1Tool However, version also allows moving to the different tabs. A "Today" task can also be dragged quickly and easily to the "Planned" tab with the mouse, where you only have to add a planned date.


task filter

In the task filter, the function "Showadded. This allows you to list your tasks according to all tasks assigned to you or assigned by you.