reminder circles

To create a new reminder go to: Administration – Finances – Invoices – Reminder circles.

In the following view, you now have an overview of the reminder templates that have already been created. You can edit or delete these at any time. Above "New reminder circle“ you can generate a new reminder template.

1Tool | Reminder circle2 1024x509 1

With a new reminder group, you can do all of this PDF template create so that your reminders have a uniform layout. First you have to determine the name of your reminder group. In the case of a reminder, the header could, for example, carry your company's logo and your address data. You can also upload an image for your reminder circle. Under "template“ you can specify the entire reminder text, this is done via placeholder, so that, for example, reminder number, date, recipient data, etc. do not have to be entered manually every time, but automatically via 1Tool can be generated. You can also find out exactly how to create such a template at: accounting groups.

1Tool | Reminder circle3 982x1024 1

The principle of creating reminder templates is very similar to that of invoice templates.