The 1Tool Wiki Module helps you store important information so you can access it anytime, anywhere when you need it. You can restrict the data according to user group and employee.

You will find the menu item on the left in the page tree Wiki – Categories – click on the button at the bottom right "Add Categories".

1Tool | wiki category

Here you can enter the name of the category and a few more details about the category.

1Tool | create category

Customize wiki template

You have the option of designing the existing template or the previously created headings, texts, images, etc. according to your own ideas. To do this, go to (1) Wiki template overview.

1Tool | Wiki template

On the top left (2) you will find three tabs. Here you can change the settings for your headings and texts under the Font tab.

1Tool | wiki templates default

You can also make the settings for your article view on the right (see above) under standard content templates (1). To do this, simply hold the desired area on the right and drag it with the mouse to the middle to the plus + and leave out.

Under (2) Element you can drag the individual elements into your text area to adapt your template accordingly.