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Billing & controlling

A tool for customer relations. A number genius for your accounting.


With our software, you can tackle your numbers and, thanks to complete control over all monetary movements, ensure efficient management. This makes it easy to reduce costs, increase profits and ensure long-term corporate success.


Smart features for your invoices

The 1Tool Invoice module lets you generate your invoices at the touch of a button and helps you to keep track of items that have already been paid and open items.

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That's on our account

With 1Tool Does digital invoicing really pay off? A few clicks are enough to generate your invoice - personalized, with all relevant information, in a design adapted to your company's appearance.

But that's not all: definable tax rates, discounts, automated mailing and subscription invoices make our software an indispensable tool for your accounting. And if an invoice remains unpaid, simply use our integrated dunning system.


Become an accounting and controlling expert

14-day trial. No credit card necessary.

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Intelligent planning and analysis

A tailor-made software that, thanks to cost control and intelligent accounting features, ensures more efficiency in both strategic and operational controlling.

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Well, how much does it cost?

Transparency is particularly important when it comes to your own costs. And what is more transparent than software that shows you at the push of a button exactly where which costs are incurred and how much? Exactly - 1Tool.

1Tool is no ordinary software, but also records the development of your incoming invoices with special evaluations. This is the only way we can offer you the optimal basis for important decisions.


Creating great things together

Discover more modules and support packages for an all-round successful business.

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