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Professional invoices.
For professional work.

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With our invoice module, you no longer have to worry about manually inserting customer data, invoice items, discounts or the layout of your invoices. Our configurator does this work while you concentrate on the important issues of everyday business. In short, our features make your finances more advanced than ever.



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    Simple accounting

    Individual invoice templates


    Evaluations of finances

to draw up the invoices

Brilliant in every way

For small and large entrepreneurs. For one-off and recurring services. For mailing or posting. Our billing tool adapts perfectly to your workflow and takes care of your accounting in just a few moments.

Our configurator guides you step by step through the process of creating an invoice and only takes one click to create an invoice in your corporate design from numbers and data with a consecutive invoice number and always up-to-date customer data.

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Professional dunning

Lets you know when amounts are outstanding

Without stress and effort can be with 1Tool Of course, you can also track open items, our software does the rest all by itself.

A ready-made message, taking into account the terms of payment and dunning level, and a friendly note about the outstanding amount is on its way to your customers. This is what efficient receivables management looks like!

The 1Tool Invoice management is an intuitive interface. It generates invoices based on shop orders or recurring services. It initiates automatic payment reminders. And you can create an overview with one click, which you can use to make your decisions much more quickly.

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Reports & Analyzes

You don't have to be a numbers pro to get an eye for it

With our automated invoice reports, all the necessary facts and figures are available to you at all times in the form of beautifully prepared graphics. Get an easy overview of the number of invoices issued each month.

Always check your cleared proceeds and easily compare how much of it has already been paid and what amount is still outstanding.

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process invoices

So many ways to manage your bills

Our invoicing software is made for everything you need. In combination with our other modules, you can invoice products from your online shop or project- and task-specific services at the touch of a button. And because we support you with our software and don't want to put any obstacles in your way, we naturally also offer interfaces to external shop systems or billing tools such as BMD.


With 1Tool successful and fast invoicing is possible. Discover all key features and advantages.

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Enter your next invoice completely digitally

Discover our invoices module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.