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Contact management

Advanced CRM starts with simple contact management.

Contact management

For us, great work starts at the foundation. That's why our basic module, the so-called contact management, is the heart of 1Tool Because what would marketing, sales and co be without the mature organization of your customers, employees and business partners?

As a central point and starting point for the successful networking of all areas and functions, contact management gives you a 360-degree overview of your contacts, so that holistic support is possible. Work has never been more efficient than with 1Tool.

To use our software in your company, every employee needs the basic module in order to be able to optimally carry out all other functions and activities. Because we know that behind every innovative project, every sophisticated marketing campaign, every first-class event and the overall success of the company is the successful management of your contacts and target groups.

Contact management


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    Unlimited contacts

    companies and contacts

    Contact Search & Map

    Individual views & fields

    History & Mobile Sync

Contact management

See everything. In a profile.

Whether documents, products, newsletters, offers or invoices - one click on the contact profile is enough to get all the necessary information about your customers and prospects. The comprehensive contact history gives you information about which employee interacts with your contacts, when and how. Excellent service is not only a top priority for you, but also really lived.

General contact information is not enough for you to optimally manage your customers? We expected that - so you can come with us 1Tool define the fields and profiles independently for your contact groups. Exactly how you need it.

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Professional address book

Unlimited contacts

Unlike other software, you can 1Tool store an unlimited number of contacts and addresses. But of course our software wouldn't be an all-rounder if it didn't have a few more special functions to offer.

Organizational charts therefore automatically depict companies, departments and contact persons for more targeted customer communication. A contact map offers sales staff the opportunity to display addresses on a map and plan their visit routes efficiently. And a contact search whose filters can be combined so flexibly that you can find any target group in a matter of seconds.

Target groups, industries & Co.

Collect data now. Use immediately for your work.

1Tool collects all important data about your customers in real time using forms and, thanks to customizable fields, helps you to get exactly the information you really need for outstanding, personalized customer service.

You can also carry out segmentations, for example by contact groups, distribution lists and industries, in order to further perfect your work in marketing and sales. And if you already have so much data available, you should definitely evaluate it. That's why forecasts and statistics are available to you at the push of a button.

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Mobile customer management

You need powerful features everywhere

Our software works when you do it too. No matter where. Does not matter when. And no matter what device you use. Your customers can be managed, organized and maintained from anywhere. Be it via smartphone, laptop or tablet - your contacts and appointments are always synchronized.

Export, import and print labels lightning fast and easy. You create tasks, emails or surveys for several contacts at the same time. This is how contact management works.


With 1Tool succeed in successfully managing your customers, partners, employees and Co. Discover all the key features and advantages.


Increase in your customer satisfaction within one year

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Would you like to take your customer service to a new level?

With 1Tool succeed in successfully managing your customers, partners, employees and Co. Discover all the key features and advantages.