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The ultimate way
to create a newsletter

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With the 1Tool Newsletter module you can create appealing email marketing campaigns faster than ever before and impress your target groups with gripping messages. A variety of clever functions help you to understand your audience and their interests and thus give your newsletters a personal touch.



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    Simple notepad

    Individual templates

    newsletter campaigns

    Opening rates, number of clicks and much more.

Convenient editor

It's just an email, but more readable

Create meaningful campaigns in minutes using ready-made templates and provided elements.

You can quickly and easily create professional content with our user-friendly editor and present your products and services perfectly in no time at all.

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Secure login

Data in another dimension

With the 1Tool Registration form allows you to obtain exactly the information you need from your audience in order to use your knowledge to address the target group appropriately.

For better success rates, ask about the interests of your customers when registering, because: Your customers only read what they want to read. And as far as data protection compliance is concerned: our software is also well prepared for this.

Whether company information, product presentation or special offers - we provide you with an intuitive platform with which you can artfully visualize your messages and are guaranteed to win over your target group. We rethink e-mail marketing.

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Reliable Shipping

A masterpiece that needs to be well planned

You can send your newsletter completely stress-free exactly when your recipients can best be reached. In this way, campaigns can be optimally planned.

Countless filter options also enable sophisticated retargeting campaigns, so that you can advertise regional offers, up- and cross-selling products, as well as further information on previously attended events or selected distribution lists in a striking way via e-mail.

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Extensive reports

Analysis redefined

With our software you have all the necessary tools to market smarter. Real-time reports show you clearly what is working and what is not in your email marketing.

Opening rates, number of clicks and much more. help to better understand your audience and continuously optimize your campaigns.


With 1Tool successful sending of personalized and appealing newsletters. Discover all key features and advantages.


higher likelihood of converting recipients into regular customers

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Start your new mailing today

Discover our newsletter module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.