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Punctual at any time - with your scheduling to go.

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Efficient scheduling is the success of every business. Because it means not missing any important meetings, meeting deadlines, always being up-to-date and sometimes also knowing when successes are duly celebrated together. And for all these cases you have the 1Tool Calendar available anytime, anywhere.



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    Fast appointment entry

    Access permissions for colleagues

    Memories, invitations, documents

    Outlook synchronization

organize appointments

multitasking software? Rather "I-have-all-my-appointments-under-system".

In just a few clicks you can create your calendar entry, define repetitions or the time when you would like to be automatically reminded of your appointments. No more overlaps or unnecessary idle times – with 1Tool plan precisely.

And so that your customers don't forget you, there's a personal reminder on top. After all, fewer missed appointments mean more sales.

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Online appointment scheduling

Your appointment planning to go.

Thanks to the CalDAV function, you can 1Tool Easily sync calendars with your personal devices so you can keep track of all customer visits on the go.

Whether PC, tablet or smartphone - you always have your appointments with you, you can make follow-up appointments reliably and directly at the customer's site or plan the next day in the comfort of your own home.

Of course you can't have everything in your head, 1Tool however yes. It doesn't have it in its head, but in its calendar module. And managed there 1Tool for you your meetings, training courses, private doctor's appointments and whatever else is important. So that you already know what's coming up on the way to work.

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Access & Permissions

So that everyone knows where they stand

The 1Tool Calendar was built for everyone, so you can plan and get work done the way you want. Switch between daily, weekly or monthly views with one click, just as you need it.

Simplify and structure your entire day-to-day work with the help of categories. An overview of booked meeting rooms, business and private appointments as well as access to your colleagues' calendars help to create an ideal workflow.

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Appointment preparation

For meetings, events and everything else

With 1Tool you are perfectly prepared for your appointments. Be it important notes, meeting documents or lists of participants - the 1Tool Calendar keeps all information ready for you on demand.

And if things get bigger, you can also use our appointment planning to manage the prices of events, event invitations, participation status, roles of people and the billing of appointments that are subject to a fee.


With 1Tool succeed in successfully planning and managing your appointments. Discover all key features and advantages.


fewer missed appointments and idle times

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Simple but wow. Start scheduling online now!

Discover our calendar module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.