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Customer Portal

A whole new species
of self service

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Let your customers work for you while you do your work for customers. Sound complicated? no way! Because with our customer portal you create a networked platform with which you can interactively design your customer service, human resources, event management and many other areas.

Customer Portal


per month/user

    Personal customer profile

    Previous projects, tickets, invoices and much more.

    Easy customer communication

    Exchange of documents

collect customer information

Learn about your customers. By giving them a portal.

Regardless of your industry and whether you use the portal to manage customers, applicants or course participants, our self-service tool will help you to make communication with your target groups more efficient, collect relevant information and always stay on the ball.

You decide for yourself which fields your customers have to fill out, share important documents with them and provide important data at the push of a button - from job advertisements and booked events to invoices and open support tickets.

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promote customer loyalty

Our software inspires you. Inspire your customers.

With new project information, up-selling offers or an outstanding after-sales service, you promote dialogue with your customers and stay in constant contact.

You get to know your requirements better, you can present new products and services in an appealing way and thus increase your chances of additional sales. It's almost as if you could use it to read your customers' every wish from their eyes.

Digital customer loyalty rethought. With our customer portal, your target groups can centrally manage their personal data, view purchased products, receive support or update application documents. You save time and money and also create the optimal basis for creating new offers in a targeted manner.

Access & Protections

So that customers can trust you with their data

Confidential and secure - with our customer portal you and your customers have complete control over privacy.

On the one hand, with our security functions, we ensure that your customers, applicants or business partners can securely upload and access confidential documents. On the other hand, thanks to access controls and user rights, you can determine exactly who can view and edit which data and documents.

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Appropriate layout

Masterfully camouflaged. In your design.

Branded with your logo and corporate colors, our customer portal adapts to your company's branding, guaranteeing a seamless experience when switching from your website to our portal.

Not only does it give your customers the feeling of being in the right place, it also creates trust and strengthens the bond between the customer and the brand. And with a meaningful, own domain, a targeted customer approach is also supported.


With 1Tool successful and efficient communication with your customers. Discover all key features and advantages.


Reduction of the administrative effort

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Give your customers the reins into their own hands!

Discover our customer portal module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.