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With our software, we give efficient project management a whole new meaning. Thanks to our smart all-in-one solution, you can coordinate tasks in the team while creating project plans and always keeping an eye on your costs. 1Tool supports you in keeping your projects on track and delivering them exactly when it is necessary. Project work like you've never experienced before.



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    Project phases & progress

    Detailed resource planning

    Project tasks & team members

    Extensive project controlling

Project management

A start that steers your project in the right direction

The 1Tool Project Overview is the best place to see the real-time status and progress of your projects. And the best part: everything is just the way you need it. Define exactly those project phases that are relevant for your company, designate project managers and employees and record the budget and costs of your projects.

And if important information is missing - well, then simply create fields for your projects yourself. Because our project management software is there to support you.

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Plan & organize projects

Impressive planning for impressive projects

As the saying goes: Planning is half the life - and that is especially true when you have to manage several projects at the same time.

That's why we've created a tool that you can use to graphically display the progress of your projects at the touch of a button and, via our resource plan, to have a precise overview of who is doing what by when - including absences. So that you are guaranteed not to miss a deadline again!

Give your project team the opportunity to work faster and with foresight by using software that combines all the necessary information about your projects, simplifies your communication and lets you move projects forward better.


Communication & Teamwork

Work with your team like never before.

Cheers to the cooperation, because we from 1Tool find yes: Shared effort is double the profit.

So easily create tasks for employees, collaborate on a solution, share important documents with each other, keep each other up to date with updates and feedback, and communicate in real time with comments and email notifications. So everything happens in one place and your team works extremely focused.

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project controlling

Guaranteed to have everything under control.

With one click you can manage and control the billing of your projects, with another click you can check your results using performance reports. This is project controlling at the highest level.

We provide you with full control and transparency over hours worked, contribution margins, costs, as well as paid and unpaid project invoices. The 1Tool Project Module - designed to keep your projects running smoothly without breaking the budget.


With 1Tool successful planning, management and control of your projects. Discover all key features and advantages.


faster turnaround time with 1Tool from project start to project completion

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Manage your projects in the easiest way

Discover our projects module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.