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Support Tickets

1Tool is there for you so that you are there for your customers.

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With a personal and timely response, you can offer your customers exactly the service they want. And with us, you have everything you need. Within a central service platform, you record new requests, assign support tickets to those responsible, communicate with your customers and thus make your customer service more successful than ever.



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    Direct customer communication

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Support software

Gives you more time for your customers

Track, prioritize, and resolve customer concerns with ease. Because our support ticket software bundles all inquiries in one central location.

At the push of a button, you get a complete overview of the number of open tickets per customer, can initiate further measures quickly and in a targeted manner and, thanks to a 360° view of your customers, ensure more productivity.

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Best customer service

Better collaboration. For better solutions.

For us, first-class customer service starts with a dialogue. And that's why you are always connected to your customers via our service platform.

Your customers can create new support tickets themselves via the platform and while you and your team are working on a solution in the background, your customers can track every little bit of progress. You share documents and communicate directly via our ticket system. You will see, your customers will be delighted.

Happy customers, happy employees. Because with our support software you not only reduce the waiting times of your customers, you relieve your service employees, reduce costs and improve the cooperation of the entire team.

Support ticket system

With this you can solve every problem in the world

No matter the type of concern, with our advanced and intelligent support software you will deliver the best service for every request, every problem and every complaint.

And so that you reach your destination faster, you can easily link your ticket system with the other modules of our software. Because you are only a few clicks away from making an offer from a request, recording your support time or billing for work done.

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Process customer inquiries

Always ready with a solution

Our support software enables you and your service staff to give the right answer faster. Thanks to extensive documentation via ticket comments or the collection of solutions via our wiki, you have already solved the issue before it even becomes a problem.

Your entire team works better together and can process recurring requests in no time. This incredible professionalism makes your service unbeatable.


With 1Tool manages support requests and services successfully. Discover all key features and advantages.


faster response to customer inquiries

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Create a completely new kind of customer service with us

Discover our Support Tickets module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.