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Time recording

Our software works for you. The whole time.

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We know how to make processes simple and stress-free. Our time recording therefore enables you and your employees to record your working times at the push of a button, view holiday entitlements and work overtime flexibly, across devices and of course suitable for every work situation.

Time recording


per month/user

    Recording for tasks, projects, contacts

    Evaluation of vacation days & overtime

    Individual working time models

    Play & Stop quick entry

record working hours

Efficient time management rethought.

What makes our time tracking so popular is not only the intuitive interface, it is also the fact that it provides you with a holistic solution for working hours, project times, vacation days and absences.

And because we know that time is money, we have banned unnecessary work steps from our software. What remains is an automatic entry of activities, an overview of who was busy with what for how long and time recording data that flow directly into billing.

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Online time recording

Always ready - no matter where and when you work.

You don't have to adapt to our software, the software adapts to you. And that's why our time tracking is done online, regardless of where you work.

Be it the field service employee or the employee on a construction site - each of them can record their working times whenever and wherever they want. In the morning with the iPad, at noon with the smartphone - whatever, it's possible with us.

We combine performance and talent management with working time regulations and personnel costs. The result is an intelligent tool that gives you meaningful information on working hours, absences and progress in order to make well-founded HR decisions.

Overtime, vacation & Co.

We are happy to work overtime for you

Different working time models and holiday entitlements can be included 1Tool easily be taken into account. You define working time regulations for each employee and, based on our evaluations, you can determine overtime, absences, remaining vacation days and even bonuses with one click.

You and other supervisors will receive a daily report of hours worked by email. So that you have a precise overview of who is working on what and can use it as an export for payroll accounting.

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Working time evaluations

Because fantastic achievements take a lot of time.

You control in real time with the 1Tool Time tracking reports whether your projects, tasks and Co. are going according to plan.

Filter working hours by project phase, contacts or opportunities to find out what is taking the most time and accordingly to be able to keep an eye on your budget and make reliable decisions.


With 1Tool you can successfully and quickly record your working hours and overtime. Discover all key features and advantages.


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Bring transparency to your working hours now

Discover our time tracking module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.