1Tool CRM platform

1Tool CRM enables you to attract more customers, create customer interactions and increase sales.
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1Tool also supports large customers to become even more successful digitally

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Why 1Tool CRM?

1Tool is a CRM for every company, in every industry. In any size.

High customizability

Use custom fields, buttons, and layouts to 1Tool adapt to your company


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Faster implementation

We implement your desired project quickly and easily. We map your processes completely.

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Secure hosting

Secure hosting in the public cloud or private cloud. We are happy to be a full-service provider. Backups, data security included.

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30 Module

With the 30 modules you automate every corner of your business and avoid time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

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CRM for every business model.

We guarantee a reduced implementation time. And a high acceptance rate.


Simple user interface

Simple, straightforward user interface with minimal learning curve

All in one CRM software

1Tool supports full communication possibilities for all teams and systematic lead management