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Citizen service app

Citizens can use the citizen service app to send requests to the authorities quickly and easily.

The authority then has a powerful ticket system and can forward the concerns internally to the right person.

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Screenshot of the citizen service app; Citizen service app.
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User of the Citizen Service App; Citizen service app.

Communicate easily

The citizen service app enables easy communication between citizens and communities.

Just call

Users create tickets for different categories specified by the municipality and can thus communicate their concerns directly to the municipal office.

Stay informed

The citizen service app also serves as an information platform. Users receive reminders of important appointments via push notifications.

Citizen service made easy

Thanks to the Citizen Service App, municipalities offer a comprehensive citizen service and can react quickly to the concerns of their citizens.

Everything in view

Thanks to the citizen service app, municipal employees always have an eye on the concerns of the citizens. Tasks are assigned to the responsible employees and processed by them.

React fast

Reports from citizens are sent directly to the municipal employees via app push notifications. As soon as a ticket or a request is processed by the municipality, users receive a push notification about the progress.

Screenshot of the citizen service app; Citizen service app.

How does it work?

Report concerns to the municipality without detours and bureaucratic hurdles using the citizen service app.


Install the app

Your community citizen service app can be downloaded directly from the app stores.

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Every community citizen can register for free.

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Getting started!

A simple form can be used, for example, to report damage to the municipality.

Citizen service app opened on mobile phone.
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This is how citizen service works!

Be available

With the app, municipalities have a practical communication platform to be able to act and react in a citizen-oriented manner.

Manage tickets

Municipal employees always have an eye on all concerns and can inform citizens about the progress.

assign tasks

Reports received are delegated directly to the responsible department, which simplifies internal work processes.

set deadlines

To ensure that nothing is forgotten, deadlines for completion or priorities can be set for the tasks.

React fast

Municipalities use the app to respond quickly to inquiries, letting their citizens know that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Keep informed

Municipalities keep citizens informed about important dates and what is happening in the municipality by means of push notifications.

111.749 citizens are already using our citizen service app!

Heimo Lenz

"Finally I can easily and easily report damage to the municipality"

Heimo Lenz

Hans Peter Wolf

“Direct communication with my community is at a new level.”​

Hans Peter Wolf

Christine Resh

“1 click. damage done. Municipality gets the info and does it the next day. WOW!"​

Christine Resh


We have simple pricing

1App launcher

€ 15, -

per month

    Standalone app

    Adapted to the design of the municipality

    Acquisition of the categories

    Unlimited downloads

    Release in stores

1App Premium

€ 25, -

per month

    Standalone app

    Adapted to the design of the municipality

    Acquisition of the categories

    Unlimited downloads

    Release in stores


    Push messages to citizens

    garbage collection dates