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For better customer service without restrictions

Better support and excellent customer service for your customers with the mobile ticket app from 1Tool. No matter where or when - your customers can easily record inquiries and problems on their smartphone or tablet at any time and even when they are on the go, while your service employees find out about the receipt of a new ticket in the same second, process it or assign it to the responsible colleague.

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The customer in focus

A platform with which you can request help and support incredibly easily and quickly will not only inspire your customers, but also increase their satisfaction in the long term. 

With just a few clicks, they can create a new ticket in our mobile support app, including a description and photos, and all the information will automatically be sent to you at the company.

All tickets will be sent directly to 1Tool stored for your support staff and can now be processed promptly and efficiently. Thanks to notes and the assignment to team members, it is quickly clear who is working on a ticket, who is already in contact with the customer and which requests still need to be processed. This is how successful teamwork succeeds.

Faster response, less delay

Your customers can see all open tickets in the app at a glance, know about the progress and status and can fully rely on a tailor-made solution to their problem.

In addition, the comment function enables easy communication between your service employees and your customers, so that you can easily obtain feedback or provide feedback on further questions. Push-over messages ensure that your customers are informed directly on their smartphone or tablet that a new message has been received from your company.

Designed to get the most out of your business

One software suitable for all industries. Features that cover all areas of your business. An intuitive interface to work easier and faster. And an adaptability to be exactly the software you need.

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This app makes you look really good

Our powerful support and service app helps you respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner, solve problems faster and work optimally with your team.

And the best thing about it: thanks to the smart branding option, the support app appears for your customers in your corporate colors and with your logo. In this way, you not only create a uniform image, but also sustainably increase trust in your services.

Benefits of the ticket app

  • Time savings through the central processing of tickets
  • Quick overview of the status and progress of tickets
  • Automated support processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction by simply capturing requests
  • Transparent real-time communication with customers
  • More efficient teamwork
Hans-Peter Wolf, sales contact.

Hans Peter Wolf

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