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The implementation of SAML in the 1Tool CRM system represents a highly efficient method for seamlessly connecting user identities and the system processes.

This significantly contributes to increasing security and usability, while at the same time making the integration of the CRM system easier.

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Increased security thanks to SAML integration

SAML, also known as Security Assertion Markup Language, enables secure authentication and authorization of users, resulting in a significant increase in data security, improving user experience and ultimately driving business success.

Advantages of SAML

Overall, SAML helps improve security, efficiency, and usability in organizations, particularly when it comes to managing identities and access rights.

1. Single Sign On (SSO):
SAML allows users to log in once and then access various services and applications without having to log in again. This improves usability and saves time because users don't have to manage a multitude of login details.

2. Security:
SAML provides a robust security layer for exchanging authentication and authorization data between identity providers and service providers. This minimizes the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access.

3. Interoperability:
SAML is a widely used standard and enables the integration of identity and access management into various applications and platforms. This promotes interoperability and integration into complex IT systems.

4. Decentralized Identity Management:
SAML allows organizations to decentralize identity management, making it easier to manage identities across different applications and services. User data does not need to be duplicated in every application.

5. User permissions management:
SAML allows user permissions and roles to be managed in a granular manner. Administrators can precisely control which users can access which resources and functions.

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