1Tool Plugins

1Tool has a large amount of plugins available to you for free.

With the help of the plugins, you can, for example, synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook, publish your products in a WordPress WooCommerce web shop, or else 1Tool unite with Thunderbird.

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woocommerce plugin;

WooCommerce plugin

With the WordPress WooCommerce plugin, products and orders are automatically synchronized.

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Thunderbird plugin; CRM plugin Thunderbird


Use our Thunderbird plugin for optimal support and communication with your customers.

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CRM plug-in Outlook; Outlook plugin


Manage your 1Tool Contacts, e-mails, tasks and appointments now also in your Outlook program.

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Write a 1Tool Plugin

If you use special software in your company, you can use our 1Tool Connect API interface and use it to develop powerful applications for your company.

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