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1Tool is the right mix of simplicity and flexibility when it comes to meaningful club management with minimal effort. Our software for clubs and associations supports professional club work, from member administration and bookkeeping to successful communication with members and the organization of congresses and training courses.

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Simple membership management and club documentation

Our solution for efficient club administration supports you in managing your member data and important documents online and thus working for your club or association anywhere and anytime.

Whether it's a healthcare association, sports club or animal club - we want club work to be fun and that's why it's never been easier 1Tool, new members with their roles and functions as junior president, treasurer, secretary and much more. to record and to manage important sponsors and suppliers in a central system.

In addition, our club software enables the storage of important documents, be it minutes of meetings, ranking lists or game results. You can store these documents in general folders for the entire association or at member level if they are purely personal files, such as membership contracts.

Efficient club correspondence & accounting

Composing and sending emails and newsletters can often be quite time-consuming - especially when you want to send them to hundreds of members and personalize them.

1Tool association software fast and uncomplicated association correspondence succeeds and you can inform your association members about news, important dates etc. at the push of a button. Our offer ranges from mass mailings, to sending personalized documents such as membership certificates, to attractive newsletters for important announcements.

On top of that, the accounting module of our software ensures clear bookkeeping for clubs and associations. 1Tool automatically generates invoices for your annual or monthly membership fees or for sponsoring and paid training camps. A quick entry of all incoming payments as well as due payment reminders also ensure that you have an immediate overview of the financial situation of your club.

Club events & interactive member portal

Whether training, rehearsals or meetings - thanks to our club software, you can organize all events for your club or association with just a few clicks.

You always have an overview of the participants and the venue, you can send out invitations in no time or publish public events such as congresses, music events, etc. directly on your website for online registration. You determine prices for members and non-members, participant limits and much more, while our modules automatically ensure that all areas run smoothly.

Especially in clubs and associations where people with the same interests come together, we would like to offer you a tool that you can use to work hand in hand with your members. That's why we developed a member portal that acts as a kind of intranet for club members. Of course, you decide who can view and edit which data of your club or association in this portal. Our club portal includes the following functions:

  • Management of personal data
  • Display and download of invoices (membership fees, etc.)
  • Announcing events (rehearsals, club meetings, board meetings)
  • Download of important documents (minutes, resolutions, etc.)

A software that optimally supports our work as an association

As the umbrella organization of all leading European societies dealing with intestinal health, we need software that supports us in administration and communication with our members and specialists. with 1Tool we use software that we use to easily manage our contacts and users and that serves as a central data interface for connecting congress and e-learning applications.

Christian Ferner-Wenzl, United European Gastroenterology (UEG)

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  • Professional management of members
  • Automated billing of membership fees
  • Easy organization of congresses, webinars and club events

  • Facilitate communication within the club/association
  • Interactive portal for members and their data

Hans-Peter Wolf, sales contact.

Hans Peter Wolf

Head of Sales & Authorized Officer

Our contact person for CRM software is available to you at any time by telephone or e-mail. We would also be happy to arrange an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training course.

Recommended modules for associations and clubs



per month/user

    Simple notepad

    Individual templates

    newsletter campaigns

    Opening rates, number of clicks and much more.



per month/user

    bulk mailing

    Reliable delivery

    Various mailing lists

    Opening rates, number of clicks and much more.



per month/user

    Simple accounting

    Individual invoice templates


    Evaluations of finances



per month/user

    Quickly accessible knowledge

    Display via text, images, videos, etc.

    Sharing Permissions & Roles

    Bookmark & ​​PDF Download



per month/user

    Management of participants and waiting lists

    Online registration

    Certificates & participant lists

    Automatic ticket generation

Contact management


per month/user

    Unlimited contacts

    companies and contacts

    Contact Search & Map

    Individual views & fields

    History & Mobile Sync

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